Sunday, July 01, 2007

Quickie post for Sunday night

Just kickin' back, enjoying the nice July weather. It's my hubby's birthday today so we had a low-key family grillout. I made a cake (Cinnamon Swirl) because I didn't get a cake on my b-day from my family, so I made the one I would want, tee hee. Hubby and I almost share a birthday-- I'm exactly one week older than he is.

It's not too unusual to be older than your husband, I suppose; the only problem is we have to share birthdays sometimes, like twins. When we turned 30 nine years ago (ack) our mothers each had one nice dinner for us, and his sister decorated our house, once. Man, when we turn 40 next year, we'll be lucky to get a single "geezer" party. Hmm, maybe I should throw us one.

Anyhoo. Fun fact about our birthdays: in 1968, in the week between our births, (ie. the only week where I was alive and he wasn't,) was when Elvis filmed his famous '68 Comeback Special. Ironic, since Elvis is the only artist we both like (but not the same Elvis-- I like 50's bouffanted Elvis and he likes 70's Vegas Elvis. I suppose that would be double irony, since "comeback Elvis" sort of exists between the two we like.)

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