Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wips list and future projects

Once again I'm compiling the projects fast and furious. I swear, I bounced between about 4 projects last night, because I couldn't decide which one to stick with. And it doesn't help that I've bought a bunch of new yarn. Or that I've got charity knitting to plan for. So I'm going to list things, because I'm a cataloger and that's how I roll:

Works In Progress:
Stuffed bear for M'go
Pomatomous socks for friend
Lorna's Laces socks for friend
Easy sweater for me
Bulky roll brim hat for charity
Baby blanket for charity
Dishcloth for funsies

Recently purchased yarns/projects, not started:
Black Jawoll for Socks for Soldiers
Red WoolEase for Red Scarf Project
Varigated Paton's Classic Merino for Dulaan/Afghans for Afghans
Pink'n'Purple Pounders for M'go blanket

Crap laying around, waiting for motivation, mostly for me:
Brown wool scarf (probably the Road Scarf)
Purple sock yarn (Monkey socks?)
4 or 5 bag projects (oh, I need more bags, dewd)

Future plans:
Harry Potter Charmed Knits for Christmas pressies

Well, there's my year, shaping up. The good news is, I've stockpiled enough stash that I could go without buying yarn for the whole time, except for the HP stuff. But that's in The Future.

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Cristina said...

There is never to much yarn :)