Sunday, March 15, 2009


still alive, after all! doing doilies like a grandma, yo! (this one's actually done, i've got to block it, if i can find enough pins.)

things going semi-swimmingly at work; vurry bizzy, but everyone is. i'm doing extra work, which may or may not work against me come eval/raise time. since i'm not getting as much regular work done, i look worse than everyone statistically, but i'm also doing a vital function that if i DIDN'T do, the place would fall apart. i'm prepared to defend myself!

kids are great, and i'm crocheting my ass off. i'm hanging out with some peeps from work and they're all croceters, so i'm concentrating on that for now. i've almost got a blanket for afghans for afghans done. i'd post pix of my progress but my camera is ded, und we've got no batteriez in the house. suxxors