Monday, July 09, 2007

Seven Things About Me

I've seen this meme on other blogs. I think you're supposed to be "tagged" to do it, but no one reads this blog but me really, so no one's tagging me per se. I don't really blog things except as notes to myself, really, so I consider this a challenge to tell things about myself that doesn't tell that much about myself, if you know what I mean.

1. I've seen almost all of Ewan McGregor's movies. I just love him & I made our library buy his "READ" poster, and hang it back in my work area, so he's looking at me every day. Thanks to Netflix, I've just about run down every movie the guy has been in. Because of this I've seen some real crap movies (Nighthawks, A Life Less Ordinary, Serpent's Kiss) but also some real gems (Down With Love, Velvet Goldmine, Young Adam.) I just love it when he sings.

2. My right ring finger has a dent in the side. I got it slammed in a car door at age 2. Or maybe it got hit with a rock, I don't really remember. My two ring fingers don't match, mostly because of that but also the nails are different shapes. Kinda weird.

3. I hate wasabi. I ate some wasabi flavored trail mix when I was sick once, and I hurled it up, so I forever think wasabi=barf. Makes it challenging at the sushi bar, but you can get around it.

4. My favorite baseball players growing up were Johnny Bench, Ray Knight, and Ron Oester. And, anyone from the Big Red Machine. I always liked the cute players (see my profile in re. Scott Podsednik.)

5. I think certain letters are girl letters, and others are boy letters. Girl letters = A, Q, V, Y. Boy letters are everything else. Why? dunno. Maybe I saw an alphabet with girl characters acting out those letters. Also, my first name begins with A. Coinkidink?

6. People drinking directly from the community milk carton/juice bottle makes me angry. I mean, really angry. Homicidally angry. No one at my house does this, but when I see some teen on a commercial or t.v. program doing it, as a shorthand joke for their laziness and insensitivity to others, I have to change the channel I get so mad. I used to do it myself as a kid, so I don't know why it ticks me off so much now.

7. I'm a born cataloger. It's my job, because I truly believe it was destined to be my job. I used to sort my Halloween candy into desirability cagegories, and be annoyed when they wouldn't stay sorted in the bag. I organized my home library from an early age. I had a written catalog for my baseball cards, in spiral bound notebooks; everyone sorted by teams, each team ranked according to likability, each player card alphabetized, each "extra" card duly marked in pencil. I've long since lost the cards but still have the notebooks. When I started cataloging for a living, as my trainers taught me AACR2 and such, all those rules just fit into my brain, like Tetris blocks falling into place and being absorbed.

OK, all these things do tell a bit more about me than you probably wanted to know! I'll get back to yapping about knitting soon. If my camera cooperates!!!

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