Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter Rawks!

Oh, My, Gawd, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was freakin' AWESOME. I saw it in IMAX 3-D and the big fight scene at the Ministry of Magic was SO good. Of course it featured Lucius Malfoy prominently & I would have been happy just to watch him the whole time, mrorw!

I worked on my fave thing to do at the movies, a dishrag. Man, it's a wonder I didn't screw this up; the movie was so exciting I could barely concentrate:

It's a simple 5X5 basketweave, in Sugar 'n Cream "Beach Ball Blue." I could share the pattern, which I sorta just made up: using sz 7 needles, cast on 41 sts. Garter stitch for 4 rows, then on row 5, do the following: K8, P5, K5, P5, K5, P5, K8. Row 6: K3, P5, K5, P5, K5, P5, K5, P5, K3. Row 7: repeat row 5. Row 8: repeat row 6. Row 9: repeat row 5. Row 10: repeat row 5 (this is the basket stitch in action, baby.) Row 11: repeat row 6 ... so on & so on until it's about 9" long. Do 4 more garter rows and bind off in knit. I like to add a crochet loop at the corner, for hanging. Using an odd number of squares makes for a nice symmetrical work, and the 3 knit sts at the beginning of each row makes it look like a purposeful border, that you don't have to add later. Easy peasa.

I was watching the movie with an eye towards the knit items; all the Weaselys got scarves from their mom, and Luna Lovegood was wearing a nice crocheted purple poncho/cardigan. I'm so looking forward to my copy of Charmed Knits, which is on its way to me right this minute. Between watching movie 5, listening to book 6 on CD, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of book 7, I feel the need to Potterize my knitting wardrobe!

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