Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wow, it's been a while

since I've blogged. I've been swept in to the timesuck that is Ravelry, and I've been spending most of my online knitting time there, so my sad little blog is getting nothing (or to quote Ms. Margo, don't got nuff-iiin.

To begin, pictures are right out. For once, it's not the camera. My stinkin' computer has decided that IE is not a program it cares to run anymore. According to my tech guru DH, somehow the (cracked) wireless card is still working, and the computer is "pinging" the internet (??) but IE claims it can't get to any sites. Such a liar. Anyhoo, this may be the last straw for the old thing. I think I got it before Margo was born, making it at least 5, which in computer years is like 187 or something. My credit with Dell is good, having paid off my stupid power cable (oh, they sent me a final bill in the mail? for $0.00? Al Gore weeps.) I was going to wait until after Christmas but fudge it, I'm probably going to order it next week. DH is excited because he gets to play around loading it and such, and my vital info is still accessible, since the computer isn't fried. woot.

Regarding knitting: it still goes on. Picturelessly, but chipping away. I sent 5 items to Afghans for Afghans; then they sent out a final appeal/last minute push, so I manged to get another pair of mittens out to them, before their extended deadline. They sent word that they had met their goal, which is great. So I'm knitting a pair of socks in PCM "Good Earth" colorway, which I like, it's blue/sage/pink/browns. Sock #1 is done, #2 is started to the cuff.

I've also knit an OSU dishcloth for a christmas pressie, and finished Nick's Harry Potter tie for his Halloween costume. Also, I picked up some Lion Boucle to make a hat for Margo, to match her new princess coat she got for her B-Day. I think I can make up a pattern; I'm just flummoxed on roll-brim v. ribbing. Or should I crochet? And Lion Brand offers only one pattern, and it stinks. Meh, I'll figure something out.

Monday, October 01, 2007

no pix, just yappin'

Mailed off the box to Afghans for Afghans this afternoon, and was told it would arrive in 2 days (!) for a mere $7.50. Box weighed about 13 oz., and filled with: ubercool vest, roll brim hat x 2, and mittens x 2 for 5 items total.

Oh, I suppose I'll have a photo of the red roll brim hat later. I don't feel like messin' with the camera just now. It's such a pain, because I have to load it on the computer, then load it to flickr so I can then LOAD it to my Ravelry project list. By the time I even think about all that loading, I'm out of the notion.

Imagine it, if you will (Picture it! Sicily! 1905!) it's a chunky red yarn with yellow, taupe, and pink highlights. Looks remarkably like this here blue roll brim hat what with it being the same brand of yarn.

Hold up, here's a link to the yarn, it's the red colorway. ooo, i'm likin the "neutrals" colorway, i hope i see that at the local joann's soon....