Monday, December 31, 2007

end o'the year ramblings

Well, here's hoping 2008 is less sucktastic than 2007. Workwise, I mean; the family is fine. They're getting me through everything and we loves them.

I've been whipping out the projects right and left. I was seized by a sudden freak and did up this bad boy right before xmas:

so cute on the tree.

My socks for me continue apace:

I'm actually farther along than this, I'm almost ready to finish the 1st one. I can't wait to wear them. I've tried them on a few times for fitting purposes and they are TEH COMFURTUBLZ.

And my latest goofiness:

Poor thing looks like an angry bumblebee, but really, the new Daleks are gold, so I was going for authenticity. Had a helluva time knitting the bottom of this, since I stuffed it first. Also I used the provisional cast on method, which scairt me silly, but it worked out fine. Maybe I should try toe up socks, then, since that's how you cast them on...

As for what's ahead in the new year...I dunno? More knitting! And cross stitching. I've got to branch out a little. Maybe I'll get wordy and do some kind of new year's resolution post. Or not!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

fishie wishes

I worked up a few quick catnip fishies, to give to my friend's kitties for a late xmas pressie. Here they are, pre-felted:

And after 2 trips through a hot washer, with my dirty towels:

I still have to stuff n sew, but that's easy peasy. They are too cute & I think I'll make some for Miss Pringle, too.

Whew, Christmas knitting is over. I finished hubby's Jayne hat (it only took a few days, it was done by xmas day) and he loves it, hooray. So I cast on for the knitted Dalek... it has a provisional cast on, which I've never done before. It's either going to be supercool, when I pull the crochet chain off and there's my live stitches, OR it's going to be a clusterfudge as I wrassle the crochet chain off, snagging and tearing my precious work. Time will tell!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is coming

the goose is getting fat...LOL

Hmm, not a lot of pictures to show, but I am essentially done with christmas knitting, w00t for me. All 7 washrags for teacher presents have been given; ends have been woven, buttons sewn. I should probably wash my nephew's acrylic hat, to soften it, but if I don't get to it I won't worry.

Princess Kitty amigurumi picture, for my niece, as promised a few days ago:

it's a little bigger than I meant to make, because I added a few extra rows to all the pieces, but she's cute. She now has a purple halter dress, too. She's made out of kitchen cotton, which I think I like for dolls, because it's pretty tough.

I've started a new Jayne hat for my hubby. He requested a new one, because the old acrylic one isn't warm enough. It's not because of the acrylic, it's because it's too loose. In an effort to make it authentic, I only put 2 rows of ribbing on, so it won't stay on the poor guy's head, let alone keep out wind. His new one is in wool, with 1.5" of rib. Also, he says the colors are more his style. It's working up quickly, so I should have finished pix soon.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

new camera goodness

yaaaay I got a new camera! Takes awesome pictures. To wit:

My "two hour scarf" made out of Colonial Homespun. It's taking a little longer than two hours, though, in that it's reeeeeaaally boring to knit. Strands held double on sz 19 tree trunks. It's soft and pretty, though. It's for a xmas pressie for my step cousin, who's 12 (I think, I can't remember, I hardly ever see the kid.)

Also moving along is my nephew's watch cap. I had to rip back, since I cast on 96 originally, and it looked huge. I redid it with 80 sts which may be a smidge small, but 2x2 rib is very forgiving:

Not sure I like the stripe, but it's better than big patches of color. I'm pretty close to done on this one, thank criminy.

I whipped this White Sox dishrag out in a few days, after charting it up on graph paper:

Doesn't it look beeeyootiful, with the "SOX" running across the front? Yeah, it didn't turn out very well. Darn ombre, can't see anything on it. It was supposed to be for my coworker who is a raging White Sox fan, but it looks like crud. So I'm going to redo it with white yarn in the center, and use the leftover black/grey/white as a border or something.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shh!! secretly posting from work

My pretty harvest socks are coming along; I'm on the heel flap of sock #1. I will, however, be ripping back said heel flap, because I don't like how tight it is. I'm doing the s1, k1 then s1, p1 and it's too squunched. I do want some reinforcement in the heel area, though, so I'm going to do the Eye of Partridge which is s1, k1 then purl across.

This is all very dull without pix, but like I said, I'm at work!

Chrismas present progress. Finished to date:
7 washcloths for teacher gifts
1 caliometry for mom
1 caliometry for stepmom
1 fingerless gloves for stepmom
1 watch cap for stepdad
1 kittycat doll for niece

In progress:
2 scarves for stepcousins
1 watch cap for nephew

To start yet:
1 kittycat doll dress
1 washcloth for coworker

Hmm, seems like a lot to do yet, but all those should be quick knits. The washcloth will take a while because I had to design the pattern myself! If it turns out, I'll post it here. I'll even try sharing it with Ravelry, and linking it back here on a PDF or something. Gotta practice my mad blogging skillz.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Opposites attract

Currently working on 2 completely opposite projects. First, a delicate fingering weight yarn, to be a sock (for MEMEMEME, so there)

It's Wisdom Yarns Boston, unnamed colorway. Delicate, wooly, soft.
AAAAaaaaand then? Red Heart scratch-tastic cammo hat!

Its' for my nephew for xmas.

Crud! I finished a kitty doll for my niece, and plumb fergot to take a picture of it! Oh well, you'll see it soon enough.