Monday, May 22, 2006

What's on my iPod

Or, what's on my Samsung YP-T7J, as the case may be. I've seen lotsa blog posts where the person lists the next 10 songs shuffled up onto their iPod, so I'm giving it a try. Here goes... [shuffle, shuffle]

"Down" Stone Temple Pilots
"Mmmbop" Hanson
"Garden" Pearl Jam
"My Lovin'" En Vogue
"The Way You Look Tonight" Tony Bennett
"Shine" Collective Soul
"Puddle of Grace" Amy Johnson
"Radioactive" The Firm
"Suspicious Minds" Elvis
"Say You'll Be There" Spice Girls

Looks like the algorhythm in the device is stuck on my "VH1 I Love the 90's" soundtrack. Oh well, I didn't listen to a lot of pop in the '90's, so I had some catching up to do.

Friday, May 19, 2006

OH Willie!

say it ain't so, Willie! Hazing? isn't wearing a furry suit punishment enough?

Monday, May 01, 2006

on the needles

Thought I'd try some Knit Bloggin' (tm) and show the world my work in progress. Currently I'm doing a Slytherin scarf. I've done a Harry Potter/Gryffindor scarf, with the maroon and gold; the kids somehow put big holes in that one. So I got my hands on some Red Heart Super Saver light grey (living in Buckeye country, it's easy to come by any brand yarn in scarlet or grey). When I knit my hubby his Dr. Who scarf, I had bought some Red Heart Classic paddy green, but I decided that it was too bright for that purpose. So I switched in a more forest-y green and swiped the paddy for myself. With green and grey in hand, a Slytherin scarf is the next natural step!

In case anyone's wondering about the pattern-- there is none! it's a scarf, yeh knit 'til it's long enuf. I'm doing it on 10.5 needles (after working on 3 dpns, I wanted to knock this next thing out quickly.) It's 50 stockinette sts. across, 24 rows of each color. I'm going to fold it in half and sew it up like a tube so the smooth knit is on the outside. I'll probably fringe it in grey, I dunno.