Friday, June 27, 2008

what i'm up to

applyin' for unemployment next monday, suck

gettin' (maybe) a temp job thru OCLC, which makes me sad, because i wanted to work there permanently, but any port in a storm

gettin' a phat check from old employer, covering my vacay days (woot)

missin' my kids, they're at my mom's for a few days

goin' out to supper wit' da hubbs, to our fave italian place i think

workin' on the BYOB bag from Summer Knitty:

colors so purty, we lovez it. i like working with cottonease, i think it would make a great sweater. it sez it's worsted but it's a thin worsted, so subbing it into a pattern will be a bear.

next week will be better. I have a phone interview for a part-time gig, and the OCLC interview. just a bit sad right now, i lost out on a pretty cool job today. wish i had mad excel skilz, i mighta coulda done it! whatevs.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

going stash crazy

Yeah. I may have a bit of a problem.

I may be slightly addicted to cotton yarn.

But I can quit any time I want to.

Oh fergitaboutit, I give in. Hey, I need these buttloads of yarn! I've got market bags to make, and a Tardis bag for Dennis, and towels and washcloths, and, uh, geez I could probably crochet a bridge across the Olentangy River with all this cotton. I'm hoping this sees me through my unemployment phase, 'cuz I knit and crochet fast, yo.