Thursday, January 31, 2008

enjoy it before it goes!

I love the yarn-- Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks, Funky Stripe colorway-- but the pattern ain't cutting it.

So into the frog pond it goes. Oh well, this will make attempt three for this yarn. I will get it to work someday!

Friday, January 25, 2008

quick updates

and I'm experimenting with teh photoes from flickr, since it seems to be quicker than loading them onto this site directly from the computer. Plus I have to load everything to flickr because of Ravelry, so why take two steps, I guess?

My Wisdon Yarns Boston socks, complete. I. Love. Them. Soft and comfy, and warm. I'm terrified to wash them, even though they're supposed to be superwash. I should just buck up and do it, so if they're ruined I can get over the heartbreak quicker. Oh, and I must have the scrawniest legs and feet ever, because I cast on the stereotypical 64 sts and my feet are rattling around in them. Of course, they might not, after the washing!

ETA: they washed up great! I put them on gentle cycle, cold water, and air dried. I. Love. Them. MORE!!!!!!

Also finished, rather quickly:

a quickie hat out of the leftover Filatura di Crosa 501, that I used to make my Road Scarf. With the recent cold snap, I hurried to finish the scarf, which left me 2 balls of yarn. Of course, the hat only took one. So... I still have a ball... maybe I'll do charity socks with it. Whatevs!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

not much new to report

When you only work on one or two projects, it sure makes for boring progress reports! I've done about 30 more stripes on my Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan, so it's like a quarter? or third? done. It's about 20" across so far, so if I want it to be 60" across that's a third, right? It's challenging, tho, cause it's 6.5 feet long. That's right, one row involves six n a half feet 'o work. Sooooooooo, it takes a while. But the weird thing is, it's addicting... you finish a row, and you can't wait to get the next one started. It has 20 different colors, and I'm going to add more later in. I am so seriously not going to have a stash left by the time this sucker is done. Liberating, and scary, at the same time...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Much progress

So much for taking it easy in the new year. I whipped out this dishrag:

because I wanted to see if crocheted dishrags work as well as knitted ones. I think it's a little stiff, which may change after a washing, and a little too rough-textured. It will probably do for wiping down counters, but not as a face cloth. I like the colors, anyways. I'm going to use the leftovers to do a tiny "grandma's favorite dishcloth" which is some kinda garter-on-the-bias dealie.

And in one short weekend, this:

becomes this:

Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan, done in every color under the rainbow. This one is a load of fun so far; it's cool revisiting all that yarn I've used over the years for various projects. I only cheated on 2 colors, ie, bought 2 skeins of yarns for this (the lighter purple and light yellow... I was afeared that my 'ghan would be too dark otherwise!)

This picture shows all 20 colors I used. That was my goal for the weekend, to make it through each color once. Now I have to decide... repeat the sequence exactly? or mix it up? because there's no way ALL the colors can be repeated equally. I think... (no really, I'm just now thinking) I will pull out the colors with the least amounts, then do 2-3 repeats of just the colors I have lots of. Then in the last go-round, I can repeat these 20 rows again. I just can't go totally random, my mind doesn't work that way.