Thursday, June 28, 2007

WIPs, finally

The baby blankie is scheduled for delivery this weekend! Hallelujah. On to projects for myself, with a small detour:

Behold my Pomatomus sock, in uhm, Brown Sheep Wildfoote, Pine Tree coloway? i think? It's a wool/nylon blend. I'm about to start the heel flap. I like the scaly look & the plain yarn really brings it out. I had taken this project with me to Baltimore, but I sure didn't get much work done on in. I mean, sure, I was busy touristing and all, but the semi-complicated pattern prevented my working on in much. Mostly in the car down to the Eastern Shore, and the plane flights there and back. I'm going to give them to the friend I visited there.

Also on the needles, my long-delayed Lion Brand Oh-So-Easy Cardigan

Oooo, 2 whole pockets! Step back! w00t!!1! I cast on for the body also, but my stoopid sad-assed camera is threatening to die on me, so I could only get off 2 pix of anything before it gave me the digital finger and crapped out.

Screw it, I'll get a new camera, that isn't so BULKY and tempermental. Seriously, for the cost of new memory, IF we could find it, I can get a swanky new camera that's twice as good/powerful as this old clunker.

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Cristina said...

congratulations on your finishung baby blanket. And your rigth those socks are beginnig to look lovely:)