Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, I'm a First Class Dunce

Can you believe it? Turns out my camera just needed batteries. I bought those cheap $1.00/pack AA's at Target, and they lasted such a short time, I just assumed it was the camera that was to blame. Stoopid batteries! (I can still buy a new camera, right? It's just not as urgent now?) Anyways, here's the first Pomatomous, live and on my foot:

It's a bit big on me, but it's not for me, so whatever. The toe's a little pointy, too, but it'll look better on a bigger foot. And no cankle-- I've got slender ankles for being such a large gal (5'7", 225, hell yeah I could play in the NFL.) I should be a foot model like Fran Fine!

BBXCU (beezie's blog x-treme close up):

Blurry! Wow, are my YO's kinda big. I think I learned to do them wrong 20 yrs ago, but I'm an old dog now so it's too late.

Oh, I should have taken a picture of the "tons" of yarn I had left (not!) I had maybe 2-3 yards. Whew! I hope I can motivate myself to cast on for #2. It should go quicker since I know how to do this thing now.

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