Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just knittin' away

I finally finished the back of my Inverness sweater. It's really helped that I'm only keeping this project only in the living room, so I can't get distracted.

pretty purple! so far, despite how long it's taking, I am enjoying knitting for me. I used to make sweaters all the time & I forgot how much fun (albeit slow) it is.

I also started on some random sox, mostly because we were going to see Wolverine at the movies a couple of weeks ago, and I needed a project for in the theater. I'm sooooo tired of random dishcloths, so I grabbed this Patons Kroy Sock that I'd picked up on clearance.

I'm really hoping sock #2 looks as good. I bought my 2 balls on separate occasions-- I had thought I would do a small pair with just one ball, and changed my mind when I found it clearanced-- so I have a legit concern. Just as well I didn't go for the one-ball pair, because the yardage wouldn't have allowed for even a pair of anklets.

They're working up quickly and looks good, though you probably can't tell from the picture because it's blurry. I blame the camera for this one!