Sunday, July 15, 2007

Adventures in Crocheting in the Dark

My charity baby blankie continues apace. I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Some history: my original plan was to crochet up 25 6"X8" rectangles, using 5 colors beautifully distributed in each space. Alas, my chosen yarn would not cooperate, yielding only 4 squares per skein. Now it's all uneven, waah. Now I need 4 of 6 colors, plus a spare. Then, instead of a 6th color, I had the bright idea of using scraps from my original colors, which worked here (or will when it's done):

It probably won't work with all the scraps though, since there was only miniscule amounts left. Then I had the brilliant idea of using up the leftover from my varigateds, until:

uhm, yeah, not 6"X8". Dang, and it worked up purty, too. All done during the dollar theater's afternoon show of Spiderman 3. Which explains how I added a stitch, oops.

I should have better luck with this one:

also done during the show, and had to be redone during, because my usual amount of stitches for to make 6" was too many. I also didn't realize how pretty this was worked up until the movie was over. Dang, that theater was reeeaaally dark.

As a distraction from a day full of blanket squares, I started a stuffed teddy for Margo:

Watch as she dangles its widdle head!

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