Friday, July 06, 2007

The Status of a few Items

My camera is still acting wanky, and my network card on my laptop is completely fried. So I'm illicitly posting from work, picturelessly! (I do have some pictures of my WIPs, but didn't I forget to bring the camera here to download them. OOpsie!)

Works in progress:

Oh-So-Simple Cardigan, which is about 2.5" started. I've been working on that a row here, row there-- it's all garter st so it's kinda boring.

Pomantomus: I'm on the toe decreases for the first sock! woo! WOW am I cutting it close for having enough yarn. I really hope they're long enough for my friend's foot.

Generic Lorna's Laces sock: about to turn the heel for the 1st one. That one is waaaaay on the back burner.

Baby blankie for Afghans for Afghans: I'm making that one up as a go-- I want to do a whole post on that one. Stay tuned!

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