Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shopping News

Went shopping today, ostensibly to pick up another set of sz2 dpns for sockmaking, but shucky darn, didn't a few more things jump into my basket(s):

I went to Michaels first, which did not have the sz 2's, so I was "forced" to purchase the bamboo 8 dpns. I acutally sorta needed them, to compliment my 8 circs that I plan to whip out many hats with. (uhm, sorry grammar police...)

I headed to Joann's to acquire the 2's, which were hard to find as they moved their stuff around since last time I was there. I also picked up another Licorice yarn, because apparently they're discontinuing the blue so it was $2.97 (reg. $5.99!) And I decided to pick up a couple of the new Vanna yarns. Yes, I KNOW it's acrylic, and it's Vanna, but the colors are kinda pretty, and I need acrylic because it's for a hat for a friend who's allergic to wool. I'm making her a Harry Potter beret, and I really wanted Gryffindor colors, but Vanna failed to provide a burgundy color in her line. (there is a nice gold though.) So I got Rust and Colonial Blue, and Hufflepuff it is.

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