Sunday, August 05, 2007

Finished! With the Blankie!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my camera craps out again. I have GOT to stop using those cheap Target batteries. I can't even coax a single photo out of it! I think I'll go to the Batteries Plus store and get a mess o' AAs; I've got to go there for button batteries for the kids' walkie talkies. Also, I'm going to start some Magic 28's to send with the blanket, because I have plenty of purple yarn left over.

So to kill time, behold my needle collection. 2-9 and 10.5 14" aluminiums, with 1-8 dpns:

Some of them, anyways. This is the "pretty" collection, neatly collected in a holder instead of a Popples glass or a storage box.

The first project I ever knit (when I taught myself back in 1987 or so) I bought some cheap ass plastic needles, but they were so bad, I upgraded to aluminium mid-project. Everything I did for YEARS was on aluminium 14" straights, because my technique was to stick the right needle in the crook of my leg at the hip. I was really fast that way, because my right hand was free to throw the yarn superfast. It's why I never knit with dpns or circs, you can't prop them up on your leg.

Behold the rest of the story, my 11-19's, my 10" collection, and all my bamboos. There's even a size 10 in there (but nobody uses 10's! they're vintage!)

Plus, all my extra regular sizes. A needle for every occasion! See the bit of yellow in the topmost pile? That's the one plastic sz 8 I have left from that first project lo those many years ago. I've apparently lost one other one, plus both sz 6's.

I love using 10" for making scarves. And bamboo is my prefered needle these days; it grips the wool just right, and they're lots lighter which is easier on the hands. I'm also starting to prefer bamboo for my dpns, too, so all those nice ones in the holder above don't get out much anymore.

Maybe, if I get that camera working again, I'll show off my circs and dpns. And all my other gadgets. It's not always about yarn around here!

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