Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Goofin' off at the Ref Desk

My long awaited Ref Desk duty is here. And there's exactly NO patrons in the library. Good. I'm starting to get a little less anxious about the upcoming changes in the library, because we've gotten some hints that at least some are just cosmetic/physical space changes, which who cares? we can deal. I was relieved, though, that some of my co-workers share my anxiety about the management's strange secrecy. Seriously, the tighness in my chest is a lot less today, and no migraine.

Yarney stuff:
Still waiting for Afghans for Afghans blankie pictures;
Second Pomatomous sock progressing nicely, 5-6 rows from the heel flap;
Can start my Socks for Soldiers Big Black Socks once those are done;
Working on Toddler Socks in Purple Paton's, to send to A for A or maybe under seperate cover so I can get the blankie sent right away;
Started Margo's pink 'n' purple afghan. I worked up some gauge swatches with my "J" hook and she decided she liked the bushy stitch. After some trial and error about the width, I commenced to hook starting with the lilac (per her request also.) Got about 3 rows done during Barry Bonds' failed attempt to break Hank Aaron's record last night against the Nats. I think I'll go for at least 10 rows before I try the color change; we'll see how it looks!

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