Thursday, August 30, 2007

mittenz is done, mittenz is started

Paging Ronald McDonald:

Made to match the Gryffindor beret for my friend. They be big!

After making those, I was seized by the spirit of mittenocity. I frogged my Magic 28 socks and cast on for a charity pair forthwith:

I forgot how much I like to make mittens. I made tons last year for my son's school's mitten tree, but those were all acrylic yarn. These are that leftover Paton's classic merino, from the baby blankie. I think I can get a pair off what's left, but I might cheat and put a wide stripe of some other color across the palm.

I really had to experiment around to get what looks like a medium child's size (the size I wear.) I settled on: sz6 dpns for a thicker fabric; cast on 36; 2x2 rib for almost 3 in.; inc. 6 sts on last row of rib. It's going to be like my usual mitten from there, adapting the pattern from Afghans for Afghans website. It's for them, so why not? They've got a call out for items for 7-14 age kids and I just know everyone else is going to do hats & there will be a need for not-hats.

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