Sunday, August 26, 2007

hatsie oopsie

All done with the Ravenclaw beanie. It's pretty cool, the colors are nice:

Specs: Vanna's Choice, in rust and colonial blue. Used the pattern from Charmed Knits, on sz 7 circs. The ribbing is on 6 straights, which I did for ease of joining plus also I realized afterwards I didn't have any 6 dpns to do the job anyways.

That was so easy, I immediately cast on for another in the colors i wanted in the first place:

THis one came out a little bigger, because guess which dumbbutt forgot to gauge swatch? At least its for someone with a big head. done in Caron Wintuk Jonquil colorway, and Caron one pounder left over from Nick's blankie. I am desperately trying to make matching mittens before wednesday but idon t feell very goodright now. it is tgaking forever to type this post cuz i goota keep going back to correct my spelling and stuff. ugm. so i'm going to forgo correcting because i just want to go lay down. stress and diabetes dont mix.

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