Friday, June 01, 2007

A Box for Dulaan

As promised, a picture of the quickie vest, with finished Magic 28(32) socks for comparison:

The vest worked up in a weekend, and the socks took about 3 days. Easy peasa! Specs for vest: Patons Classic Merino in Taupe and Wedgewood. (I used 2 colors because I wasn't sure if 1 ball would do the trick; after doing it, I think 1 ball will be OK.) Done on sz 10 16" circs, using 10 straights as stitch holders when you divide for the armholes. Basically, you cast on 84 sts, do an inch of rib, then stockinette up 9"; divide for the front, adding a few sts for the arm band and decreases for the neck vee. The back is the same, except you don't do the vee thing. with a 3-needle bindoff for the shoulder, the only sewing is the bottom of the armband, and weaving ends. I might do a few more of these for other charities.

Sock specs: the usual, following the Magic 28 recipe, using 32 sts and Wedgewood yarn. Done on sz 5 dpns, with 2x2 rib on the top. It turned out very stripey!

Behold my Dulaan box. Pringle WILL NOT be included:

Includes 2 vests, 3 hats, 4 pair socks. Sizes? who knows. That's one of the things I'm going to work on tonight as I get it ready for mailing off tomorrow. I'm going to make my best guesses as to sizes--I'm armed with tape measure, foot size charts, old patterns, and small children to use as dressmaker dummies.
I wish I had done more; I still have a bit of time to do so, but I'd really like to get this in the mail before too much longer. Oh well. I look at it this way: I pledged to make 5 items, and I did. 4 of these things I had made a long time ago, so they're the above-and-beyond portion, right?
After these wing away, I am promising myself 2 items for me. Hmmm, what to do? That burgundy sweater, I think. I'll decide item #2 after that's done. Busy, busy summer.


Cristina Salgueiro said...

the orange socks are very pretty.

beezie said...

Thanks! It's Paton's Classic Merino, Regency coloway. I think it would make a nice sweater or vest, too.