Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More blankie, mule!

I had started on my Lorna's laces socks a couple of weeks ago. I was debating what to do, to keep it as stockinette (not sure if I like the pooling) or put it in a pattern; and is it too wide? For me it is, maybe, but they're not for me. I dithered and knit, but it was all shoved by the wayside...

in favor of BLANKETMANIA 2007!!

Here it is @ 24" or so. It's currently @ 31", or 32" if I stretch it creatively. Work more! more! more! No socks for you!!!

Xtreme CloseUp of lovely pattern and yarn!

back to work... more posting when I hit the required 41" to start the end rows? Look for me after the weekend & before my Baltimore trip. Maybe. I've got to decide what projects to take on my trip (green socks? in Pomatomus?) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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