Monday, June 18, 2007


Almost done! The knitting is done, just the sewing in of the ends remains. I'd have posted pix but wouldn't you know it, I'm having MORE computer problems. This time, it's my wireless card. I'm not surprised, with as much as I kick the thing around on the floor-- it's external, and the plastic cover's been broken off for a year. My hubby thinks I should get a new computer, of course. Uh, No-oo-oo (singsong).

Anyhoo, I did take a picture right before I started the end rows, but forgot to bring the camera to load it here at work. So, picture it: a complete blankie with lots of trailing ends along one side, fringeless. Also, imagine a cat on top of it, if you want to be realistic. I finished it using the Lily Chin method of crocheting the stitches off the needle-- since I was binding off purlwise, it went a lot faster than the traditional 2-needle bindoff. Yarn in front=pain in butt to pick stitches off the right-hand needle. Plus, circulars with a heavy blanket on them don't help the speediness, either.

I should have it completely done before I leave for Baltimore Wednesday morning. Pix soon iswear!

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Cristina Salgueiro said...

Pictures please:)
I want to see the cat;)