Sunday, May 27, 2007

Magic 28 FP, Pseudo Magic 28, and a Bag

It's not a big whooperdoodle, but I finished the Lion Brand hobo bag, commissioned by a friend. I used (shocker) Lion Brand Cotton, in the Fern Green colorway. I was going to use Sugar 'n' Cream, but they didn't have the type of colors she seemed to want (dark). So I spaycially ordered something from, uhm, i think? whatevs. It's done yay for me. Supposedly she's paying me for the yarn, but I'm almost too nervous to ask for it, because it took me so long to finish it (oops.) Eh, we'll see in a few days.

Lion Brand Cotton is teh awesome, by-the-bye. It's, I dunno, smoother than S'n'C? not as rough? dunno how to explain it. So expensive, though, and there are only ever 5 colors to choose from in the store. I'll have to special order some more, for my own nefarious purposes (evil cackle)

Also, I finished my Magic 28 red socks, and immediately cast on for another Magic 28 (well 32, truth be told) using the leftovers from the kid's vest I made. (ooh, I forgot to take a picture of that! and it turned out so well, too... I'd better snap a photo before I mail it off to Dulaan.)
I really like this colorway, Paton's Classic Wedgewood. It's browns/grey/blues, looks very stripey in the sock but better on the vest. too BAD i DOn't have PIX [/sarcasm]. I should get the other sock done soon, this one only took a day or so.
I splurged on some brown wool for another vest...can I get it done before June 15th or so?

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Cristina Salgueiro said...

I also made a pair of socks for the magic28, but i think they are to big. Any way i found today a pattern with 24 sts. i'm going to try to see if it is the size that i like. I think the number of sts doesn't matter. What matters is that are for charity. Doesn't that feel good:)