Friday, May 04, 2007

What am I thinking?

As I write, I'm printing out a sweater and a vest pattern. I think I am crazy enough to try one or the other for my Dulaan knitting. They're kids sizes, so they won't take long???

What am I thinking? Should I not knit something for myself? I'm always thinking I'll do that when the charity knitting is done, but it's never done. So I need to step back from it, I think.

Lemme see, my WIPs:

Slytherin scarf (1.5 yrs)
Socks (for Dulaan)
Baby blankie (for friend)
Various dishrags (for ??)

OK the WIPs aren't that many. It's the projects I'm planning that eff it up:

Crochet bag (for coworker)
Sweater or two (for Dulaan)
Socks (for friend)
Gajillion socks (for charity)

Way down on the list, projects for me:

oh, I guess Slytherin scarf should go here, but it is started
Roll brim hat
Furry purse

Why do I feel the need to stack the projects on 10 thick? WTF? I need to relax. To quote MST3K's Riding with Death: "Mell, Ow, OUT!" (accompanied by punches)

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