Tuesday, May 01, 2007

hooray, my cord came today!

Hot damn, I'm a postin' fool now. A picture of the Paton's Merino Harvest socks (just the two, grrrr...)

These are off to Afghans for Afghans, along with the toddler socks, Lion Brand wool socks, a spare red hat and a random pair of mittens. That ought to hold 'em for a while, until the next special project. Everything from now until the end of May will be for Dulaan.

I was so excited to send off the package for AforA, that I cast on for a new pair socks in the Paton's Regency colorway. What you see is what I've done in about 3 hrs. tonight. It's really pretty in red, russet, orange and pink. I put it on the latest dishrags I've been doing at bowling. Oooh, now that bowling is over for the year, I guess I won't have that time to do them. I think I'll take the skein to work and leave it there for to do at lunchtimes.
I think my next project, after the baby blankie, will be for myself. There's a pair of socks I've been dying to work on in purple....

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