Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Magic 28 is a go!

Since I joined the Magic 28 webring, I figured I'd better commence to knitting some Magic 28 socks already. Well, I think the other socks I've made sorta count, but this is the first using the "official pattern", which I have to say I like.
Cute little sock, works up quickly, and I should have an easier time of making the 2nd since I'm following a pattern and not winging it. I like the heel flap also, not boring like my usual stockinette but not as fusty as the LB magic stripe pattern (what with all the slipping and picking up). Also, it helps that I love the yarn-- Patons Classic in Regency. I'm using what's left from the other pair I made.

I will be sending this to Dulaan. I really, really want to knit a sweater for them, or at least a vest, but I have to realistically assess whether I have the time to swing it. It seems like everyone does hats, so they probably don't need any more. Maybe I'll do some mittens? I have a whole month to decide! what luxury!

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