Thursday, May 10, 2007

Returning to my First Love-- Hooking

Tee hee. I like crochet a lot, and get a kick out of doing it on occasion. It was the first craft thing I ever did for reals as a kid-- when I was 10, my dad's girlfriend taught me how, to keep me out of her hair, probably (she was a wicked fast crocheter, Lily Chin fast, afghan in a weekend fast.) It wasn't a first love, so much as a gateway drug to the craft world. So it holds a special place in my heart.

After spending a whole post whinging about all the unfinished/unstarted projects I have piled up to do, NATURALLY I spend a couple of days goofing around, crocheting doll clothes for my "grandkids".

Crochet is so versatile, it's a lot easier to wing it and make odd shaped stuff. The moose is wearing Hammer Pants (overestimated his waist size--the waistband cinches to compensate.) The doll is in a long sleeved grey dress, and holding her alternative outfit, purple top/green skirt. All colors chosen by the kids, from my acrylic stash. Specs? Don't need no stinkin' specs! Completely winged it. (Which explains the Hammer Pants?)

Latest Dulaan socks, almost done. See, I ain't completely a slacker.

I went back to the LYS & was naughty. But it's sock yarn & that's not supposed to count towards the stash, right? Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, Funky Stripe colorway. I had to buy two skeins for a pair & the yarn store rolled it into a center-pull ball while I waited. This will be fun to do but I need to swatch... Good times ahead.

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