Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some finished projects

Blogger was acting wanky with pictures last night, so I'm uploading from work today:

Adorable toddler socks, from the same yarn as my 'terrible tension' socks in the previous post (Paton's Classic Merino, Retro colorway-- I finished those others, by the bye.) These are much cuter & were accomplished in the dark--literally, I knit them both at the Sci Fi Marathon last weekend. They worked up very quickly on 5 dps, they are 24 sts around with 2x2 ribbing on the cuffs. I did the toes with even-around decreases to a point, like I do mittens and hats-- I ain't trying to Kitchener a toe in the dark, people.

I think I'll make lots more of these, especially to use up small amounts of wool from all those varigated Paton's I bought. I can get a pair of youth & a pair of toddler socks from every ball, and the stripes look good on both. Keep... knitting! Keep... knitting! [/finding nemo]

Lurve this little bag. I used the Lion Brand pattern for their simple crocheted hobo bag, but instead of Lion Cotton I used Sugar 'n' Cream "Hot Green", 2 supersize skeins (used 1.5 total.) The color is much brighter in person, btw. Hooked up on an H hook in nothing flat! I modified the pattern a wee bit, adding 2 extra rows on the body and both sides of the handles. If I do it again (and I plan to, as a gift) I'd go ahead and add many more rows to make it a little more practial. And a loop and button on top, to make it closeable. And some decorative flowers, to hide the chain joins up the one side. Otherwise, it's perfect [smirk].

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