Monday, April 30, 2007


I apparently had a major brain fade last week. I thought I'd ordered that new power cord for my Dell last week. I just checked the Dell website earlier to find out when it will arrive, and surprise! no record of the order exists. But I printed the order, you say? Psyche! I had apparently only printed a preliminary page, because when I looked at it again, there weren't no order # anywheres to be found. Uhm, duh.

I placed the order (again!) and theoretically the shizzle will arrive by the end of the week, if I didn't funk it up again. Meanwhile, I must post picturelessly from my hubbie's computer. Oh, the agony.

My current progress: I'm about a foot into the baby blankie, and it's very pretty. The yarn is super soft and glides off the needles. I think that was the problem with the hubby afghan from before-- it didn't slide off the needles, so you could only ever knit like 5 stitches before you had to jam things up or down. This one, you squish the stitches up on the left needle, you can knit near on 30 or so before resquishing. Also, the stitches pop themselves down the right needle pretty easy; hubby afghan needed manual squishing on that side also. All that made my hands hurt, whereas this baby blankie doesn't. It's just flowing, yay.

I finished my 3 sock pair, and a couple of dishcloths too. Those are really what I want to post pix of. They're in the camera.... maybe I should take it to work. I think I will send 3 pairs of socks (and one hat) this week to Afghans for Afghans, and every thing else in the stash is heading for Dulaan. I've got to locate my safety pins, though! Can't send the socks without pinning them together. I bought like a million safety pins and I'm constantly forgetting where I put the snerking things.

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