Monday, April 23, 2007

OMG, I think I lost a sock

I was knitting at the movies yesterday-- I had a freebie ticket which I used for "Blades of Glory"-- worth a free ticket, I'd say. I was knitting on my Paton's Classic Merino Harvest socks during the movie, which I'd started at the film festival last week.

I had the finished sock on my lap to compare, since I was knitting by feel, and I could swear I put the finished sock away before leaving but oops! I checked the bag in preparation for going to the movies tonight (gonna see "Hot Fuzz", can't wait) and that finished sock was not there.

Good thing I'm going to the same theater tonight! I'll be checking the lost 'n' found first thing. "Scuse me, did someone turn in a sock last night, that looks remarkably like this here half-done one, excepting it's a whole sock? thanx a mil!!"

I guess it's no biggie if it's completely missing; I've got enough yarn left in the skein to get off another sock if it comes to that, plus another ball of that color which will do in a pinch. I'm just disappointed because
a.) It was a dumbass thing to do and
b.) I was really hoping to do a pair of toddler socks with my leftovers, and that's right out if I have to do sock one over again.

Let's hope it's there tonight! (the ushers wouldn't have thrown it away, would they????!!??)

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