Monday, April 09, 2007

it's done!!!!!!!! w00t!!11!

Almost there...
Just the edging left now...
Done and done!!!! and installed on hubby's "Daddy chair"!

Lordy, what a slog that was. We're talking 50"X50" of knitted bliss, achieved on a now dead set of sz 8 29" circs (After 2 blankets, I'm retiring them. oo, I should post pix of how I wore them out!) It took 2 skeins of Caron One Pounders, Midnight Blue colorway. And I mean exactly two. I modified the pattern to have 2 extra diamond motifs across, and one extra heightwise. I'd wanted 2 extra, but when I did the first extra, it sure looked like my yarn would give out, so I started the edging.
I put a single crocheted border around, then a 4 st scalloped edge. And didn't I run out of yarn with four more scallops to go!!!! Fortunately, I had some long-ass strands left from where I'd joined the second skein (the plan was to have 4 ends to weave: start, join/join, finish.) So I clipped about 18", and used it to finish the edge. Well, it was a little short, so I frogged a few scallops, and with some creative skipping and fudging it was "just enough". Seriously, I'd challenge anyone to tell which is the fudged corner. Ends were woven and I called it a day!!! I will launder it though, to even up the stitches and get rid of the fuzzies it picked up from being worked on since last frikkin' summer.
Also, here's a bonus pic of Nick, sporting his matching blankie:
It's a little smaller and a prettier cranberry color. When he saw Daddy's blankie finished, he expressed a desire to have me make one for him, too... I had to remind him he already had one. So he played with it for a while and he didn't ask again (whew!) I still have to do one for Margo, but she doesn't seem to care one way or the other what it will look like. I got her to pick out a yarn, at least, and since it's varigated (or is it ombre?) I believe I will crochet it.
Next up: baby blankie!!!

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