Thursday, April 26, 2007

One is the loneliest number

that you'll ever dooooooooo..... (gawd, save me from lame ass AM radio hitz)

So I meant to have a picture of my sad, lonely solo sock with this post, but wouldn't you know it, my computer at home is having a problem. A cord problem. In that the power cord done busted, from being left on the living room floor once too often, plugged into the back of the laptop. Any time I slid the computer out of the way (5X a day) the cord was bent to hell and has finally, irrevocably, broken. waahh for me. A new one is winging its way to Ohio from the friendly folks at the Dell corporation, but will not arrive until Friday or possibly Monday, so I am forced to illicitly post from work. Heh.

The POINT is, I went back to the movie theater Monday for "Hot Fuzz" (excellent film, btw) and enquired about my missing sock. The chickie went to the back to check the lost - n - found and after 5ish minutes, came back and declared she couldn't find any sock. DAMMIT.

I did not describe the sock before she went away, because I presumed that if it was there, surely it would be the only one. I mean, who loses a frikkin' sock at the movies? Hats, gloves, coats, watches, cell phones (I wish), shoes, money, pens, keys, viriginity-- these are what one expects to lose at the theater; socks are generally left on (knocking one's socks off is never literal, they are too hard to remove, especially when damp from Foot Sweat.) I really wanted to go back into the specific theater in which I presumably left the thing, until I realized there was probably a movie going on, and ranging around under the seats, especially when folks are sitting in them, is frowned upon even when the lights are on, if you know what I'm saying.

So I came close to finishing the 2nd (now presumptive 1st) sock during the movie, duly photographed it, then finished the toe shaping at home. 3rd (now 2nd) has been started. I should have plenty of yarn to finish #3 but I'm peeved (kin ya tell, much?) to be doing it. Good thing it's a simple fast knit. I've got to get it in the mail next week.

Pictures may be forthcoming, if I remember to bring the camera AND the cord to work. Or not.

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