Saturday, March 10, 2007

Making my dreams come true (sorta)

After my sock dream, I felt the need to start on another pair for charity. That, and I was going to the movies today, and socks with no fancy stitches are the easiest thing to take along. Who needs to see to knit an endless tube? I did the leg during 300, turned the heel at home, and about half the foot during Miss Potter. A day spent in a couple of dark theaters with my favorite Scotsmen... what's nae to love?

These are Lion Brand wool "perfect for felting", Majestic Mountain colorway (kinda pretty, I think.) I did them on 3 dpns to make for a tight fabric. The sock is a little smaller than I wanted (kids shoe size 1 or 2, maybe), but about halfway through it sure looked like I might not have enough yarn to make 2 socks. So I didn't make the foot as long as I was going to. When I used Patons, their 3.5 oz ball made 2 socks with tons left over; Lion Brand skimps and gives you 2.5 oz, plus there's more stitches/in. on these socks. Curse you, Lion Brand.

Oh well, worse comes to worse, I can start sock #2 and if I run out of yarn, go buy some more of this color. If they don't match perfectly it's OK. However, this IS a recipe for me never starting the 2nd sock, in order to avoid having to decide what to do.

Dang it, I should do like the Knit Bit said, and weigh the sock and the yarn left. Then I'd know. I've been meaning to buy a digital scale, dang it! and I am feeling the lack of it now. I'm going to leave the toe ungrafted until I decide if I'm going to 1.) buy a scale, 2.) buy more yarn, or 3.) rip out the whole thing and do it over. My current inclination: just start sock #2 and apply point 2 if needed. I won't cut the yarn 'til tomorrow.

Specs, as a note to myself, assuming I don't frog:

40 sts. on 3 dpns
1x1 rib cuff 1.5"
divide for heel @ 5"
20 sts slip 1st st @ row 1
turn heel, 12 sts
do the funky thing I f'd up
8 sts left on heel
divide 4 needles 16,10,10,16
dec until 10 back on each needle
toe shape @ 6"
dec to 20 sts total

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