Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hubby Afghan Progress and Lots of Pix

First, a little green for St. Patrick's Day: a washrag!

It's an awesome alien pattern I cribbed from the web. It's done in lime color from Sugar 'n Cream, which is totally appropriate to the subject. Hee hee. And it looks good on the reverse (or what they say is the reverse... could be the front, for how it looks):

Su-weet, it's a keeper.
Also up is my progress report on Hubby Afghan Project. First, a reminder of what it looked like in August of last year:

As of tonight, after I added Pounder skein #2:

It's over halfway done! I'm on diamond pattern 11, I think. Thanks to Pringle for providing perspective in both photos. Now that I'm really giving it attention, it's coming along almost maybe sorta quickly. All the progress you see is what I've done since the beginning of February. This puppy is going to be huge, by the bye. I can't properly spread it out to show, but it's way wide. I want to add at least 2 extra diamond patterns to the top, for 19 repeats (pattern calls for 17.) We'll see how the yarn holds out, and how long it's looking, and how ready I am to finish it off.
I have more incentive to finish, also: not only do I want to make a blankie for Margo before summer, I've also promised to crochet a baby blankie for a friend who is expecting a niece or nephew in the fall. So I need to clear the decks so I can work on that over the summer. Of course I'll still chip away at the charity work, and MAYBE I'll finish that darn red hat. Busy, busy, bizzy beezie, that's me.

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