Thursday, March 29, 2007

FP, stash, and projects in the pipeline

My red watch cap, done at last. I bought the yarn on our trip to Evanston at the end of January, and it took me a month to cast on, and another month to finish. Well, it's for me, so I kept putting it on the back burner. It turned out very nice, and soft! Cashmerino rocks. Specs: red DY Cashmerino Aran, red (duh) 2X2 ribbing on sz 8 circs. Easy Peasa, as Miss Margo would say.

WOW can you believe I have this much baby yarn! Some of it is leftover from old projects, and some was given to me by a friend. I could probably do about 7-8 sweaters with what I've got here. I wanted to look at my stash because I've been commissioned by that same friend to make a blankie for her future niece/nephew, and we had to see if I had anything to hand that would work. Sort of, I did, because one of the yarns in the tub there was something she liked. But since I only had one skein of it, we had to go shopping (HAD to, I tells ya...) thus we ended up with this:

TLC Baby in Mint Sparkle colorway. The picture doesn't show it, but it's a beautiful minty green with tweedy flecks of blue, pink, and yellow. She also bought the pattern book and sz 6 circs, which I get to keep. I think I will start on this one as soon as I'm done with Hubby's afghan, which is about 70% done. Fun spring ahead!

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