Thursday, March 08, 2007

I dream of socks

Had a funky dream last night, no doubt fueled by my inability to clear my head of snot before I go to bed. I kept dreaming that I was buying sock yarn (the good stuff, in hanks) and piling up the projects, never starting any. I'd wake up, then fall back asleep and see a new skein. What does it all mean?
1. I'm buying too much yarn.
2. I'm thinking of splurging on expensive sock yarn, and I shouldn't, really. I only have so many people I can give socks to.
3. I'm piling up too many projects. Thinking about it, I've got about 10 lined up to do, and apparently they're weighing on my snot-filled mind.
4. I love to start, hate to finish? But in the dream, I don't actually start the socks.
5. Colors are pretty, even in dreams.
I need a yarn whisperer, to walk me through this one.

Meantime, I'm going to hanker down on the Hubby Afghan, since I think it's about halfway done. Also, I've decided no new projects on the needles until I finish the red cashmerino hat.

Oh, I resolved my "exsistential dilemma" about that. The problem was, it looked like it was too narrow. It's 2x2 rib (ribbing is a yarn hog), which is very stretchy, but unstretched it's 6-7" across (ie. 12-14" around) which seems like it's too tight, even though I want it to fit a little snug. Well, I've stuck it on my head, and it seems to fit comfortably. I'll be turning up the cuff, so I need it to be between 9-10" long after shaping, because the cuff will be near on 3". I've resolved to just keep on a knittin' the way it's been going. After 1 50g ball, the hat measured 5", so there should be enough for a 10" hat since the top will be shaped, thus using less yarn.

I do hate to dither. Moving forward is best. So I added ball #2 and off we go. I plan to knit that one during lunches and maybe at the movies on Saturday. We're going to see 300... mmm, hunky men w/no shirts.... works for me.

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