Saturday, December 15, 2007

new camera goodness

yaaaay I got a new camera! Takes awesome pictures. To wit:

My "two hour scarf" made out of Colonial Homespun. It's taking a little longer than two hours, though, in that it's reeeeeaaally boring to knit. Strands held double on sz 19 tree trunks. It's soft and pretty, though. It's for a xmas pressie for my step cousin, who's 12 (I think, I can't remember, I hardly ever see the kid.)

Also moving along is my nephew's watch cap. I had to rip back, since I cast on 96 originally, and it looked huge. I redid it with 80 sts which may be a smidge small, but 2x2 rib is very forgiving:

Not sure I like the stripe, but it's better than big patches of color. I'm pretty close to done on this one, thank criminy.

I whipped this White Sox dishrag out in a few days, after charting it up on graph paper:

Doesn't it look beeeyootiful, with the "SOX" running across the front? Yeah, it didn't turn out very well. Darn ombre, can't see anything on it. It was supposed to be for my coworker who is a raging White Sox fan, but it looks like crud. So I'm going to redo it with white yarn in the center, and use the leftover black/grey/white as a border or something.

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