Wednesday, December 26, 2007

fishie wishes

I worked up a few quick catnip fishies, to give to my friend's kitties for a late xmas pressie. Here they are, pre-felted:

And after 2 trips through a hot washer, with my dirty towels:

I still have to stuff n sew, but that's easy peasy. They are too cute & I think I'll make some for Miss Pringle, too.

Whew, Christmas knitting is over. I finished hubby's Jayne hat (it only took a few days, it was done by xmas day) and he loves it, hooray. So I cast on for the knitted Dalek... it has a provisional cast on, which I've never done before. It's either going to be supercool, when I pull the crochet chain off and there's my live stitches, OR it's going to be a clusterfudge as I wrassle the crochet chain off, snagging and tearing my precious work. Time will tell!

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