Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is coming

the goose is getting fat...LOL

Hmm, not a lot of pictures to show, but I am essentially done with christmas knitting, w00t for me. All 7 washrags for teacher presents have been given; ends have been woven, buttons sewn. I should probably wash my nephew's acrylic hat, to soften it, but if I don't get to it I won't worry.

Princess Kitty amigurumi picture, for my niece, as promised a few days ago:

it's a little bigger than I meant to make, because I added a few extra rows to all the pieces, but she's cute. She now has a purple halter dress, too. She's made out of kitchen cotton, which I think I like for dolls, because it's pretty tough.

I've started a new Jayne hat for my hubby. He requested a new one, because the old acrylic one isn't warm enough. It's not because of the acrylic, it's because it's too loose. In an effort to make it authentic, I only put 2 rows of ribbing on, so it won't stay on the poor guy's head, let alone keep out wind. His new one is in wool, with 1.5" of rib. Also, he says the colors are more his style. It's working up quickly, so I should have finished pix soon.

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