Monday, November 19, 2007

Xmas freakout!

I'm a-startin' to shop for the christmas. All the niece/nephs are getting books. Dunno what else I'm buying, I'll decide after the Black Friday ads come round. But the point of this post: as I was thinking about what to get people, I'm all like, "oh, I'll just knit that person a scarf/hat/dishrag." Then I realize AAAAAA xmas in 1 mo. 6 days AAAAA how will I get it all done???? So the scarf I'd started for me? SHOVE. My poor hubbie's Extermiknit (knitted Dalek?) SHOVE. It's all xmas knitting all the time up in this joint, my kittens.

To that end, I splurged on some Patons SWS for to make my mom a calorimetry. I floated the idea of a headband by her, and she seemed willing to accept one. I hear tell they knit up quick. Then I was thinking, some purple SWS would make a fine hat for my stepmom... or another calorimetry, can't decide. And of course, another ball of red cotton jumped into my bag, for teacher's dishrags. AAAaaaand I was thinking I might finish my former Red Scarf Project red scarf for gifting, and maybe another scarf in uber-chunky yarn (for time's sake) ooooooo! or some of that Homespun I've got left over!!!

With all those projects suddenly jumping to the fore, I'm beginning to think, holy crap. To prioritize, I will probably have to dog off Ravelry, because I find myself just trolling there, reading comments, making comments, playing with the pattern/yarn links. Gotta knit me brains out. I just hope my wrist holds out... just got another shot in it to "calm it down" (that's what my doc always calls it) and it's killing me tonight.

So the game plan: quit goofing around on the Rav; commit to serious progress on each project; have some backup plans just in case; go ahead and take some knitting to work; quit goofing around on the RAV, ALREADY!

Pix of the yarn later, it's very pretty!

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