Thursday, November 29, 2007

I lurve this yarn!

Paton's SWS, natural plum coloray. It is rockin' my world! Behold some fingerless gloves for my stepmom:

I am going to make her a matching caliometry. Yes, yes I am. Because I am not going to steal the 2nd skein of SWS for my own use! totally!

I am trying to be good and just make myself some mini-warmers from the yarn scraps-- I had to make a mini-warmer to use up enough yarn for the stripe to repeat on her warmer #2, I can't stand it when a 2part thing doesn't match. I may get another mini-warmer from the end of the yarn, and I many not. It's OK, I only need one for myself! I DO NOT need to steal the 2nd SWS ball for my own. She needs a matching hat or caliometry. I DON'T NEED ajdjfo@#$%!!!!

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