Tuesday, November 13, 2007

bonus postie

Just had to share my Brain Slug, inspired by Futurama. Cribbed the pattern from a gal on Ravelry. Hubby has thieved it & taken it to work, where it was a big hit. People offered him $$$ for me to make them one-- he declined on my behalf. Specs: Red Heart Super Saver, Spring Green colorway, with trace amounts white/black. Sz 6 dpns; antennae/legs are I-cord, picked up off the body & the ends are tunneled down in, to add bendability. Eye is fake intarsia; I put the white on, carried the green across the back, then picked it up again. At the next row, I would just stretch the white back to the beginning. It's why the eye is puckered! Black dot is duplicate stitch. Oh, and I stuffed him before I finished the head; the pattern calls for stuffing through his bum, but the hole was .5" so yeah, not.

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