Friday, November 02, 2007

quickie piccie

A quick roll brim hat, for A4A:

Made out of Licorice yarn, red colorway, 48 sts on sz 13 circs. Already gone out...

A roll brim hat for Margo-Ree, she picked the yarn:

It's done too, just no pix of that (plus isn't the picture of ms. Pringle adorable?) Specs= Lion Brand Boucle Wild Berries colorway, uhhhh... 48? sts on 10.5 circs.

Socks, big whoop, for a future A4A drive:

Specs: Patons Classic Merino, Good Earth colorway, on sz 5 dpns. 36 sts around. I was VERY disappointed in the yarn, because it had a full break in it, AND a frayed almost-break. I started sock 2 & had to stop near the heel because of the first break, then I started a 2nd sock 2 and had to stop in about the same place because of the fray. I started a 3rd sock 2 and FINALLY got a complete sock. Stoopid.

But, I used the partial socks to finish off my masterpiece:

See the handles? Good Earth, yay. This is a felted Candy Corn bag, from the Lion Brand website. I did it in Patons, natch, with White, Paprika, and Old Gold. And I actually felted it! My first felting project and it turned out pretty well. I washed it the hot/cold cycle 3 times, but there's still some stitch definition left. Next time I'll get it better, but for now it's awesome, and I'm no longer afraid of felted projects. woot for me!

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