Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More notes to myself!

I finished the wool sock. Well, I finished the knitting, I have to close the toe still. I hate doing toe grafting but it leaves no seam, and looks great to boot, so I'm stuck doing it. My notes to myself: start toe shaping @ 7" or so from back of heel, finish with 16 sts. total. Ooh, I should go back and update my previous sock post so it's all in one spot, when I get around to doing sock #2.

Oh, and I accidentally lied about working on Hubby's afghan-- I started a Fancy Fur scarf for Margo. She's stolen my purple one, so I thought I could trade with her for colors she would prefer (pinks and blues), but I forgot she told me purple is her new favorite color, plus she's 4 and logic does not apply.

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