Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More finished items

Completed: three squares for the DIY Superbowl knit-in. The bottom two are 7"X9" double crochet squares; the top is (well, it wasn't done in this picture, but it is now) also 7"x9" done in a 5x5 basket stitch knit. At last, a use for my leftover Red Heart Mexican! I don't remember what kind of yarn the red one is; probably Red Heart also, I have like 5 partial skeins laying around and I love a reason to get of it. I can't remember the specific charity DIY is collecting these squares for, but they're planning to sew a bunch together for women's shelters and such. I'm going to make a few more and send them in later in the month. I've got a new knitting stitch directory and this will be a great way to try some of them out.

My Fancy Fur scarf, in Purple Passion. This Fancy Fur is starting to grow on me (not literally!) because it has those soft puffy nobules, which means you don't need to strand it with some other yarn to give it substance. Fun Fur is, well, fun, but it's only good for accents. This scarf will actually work for nippy days. If only we could get back up to where it's only nippy! Currently it's 15 degrees...
The scarf is in garter stitch, 12 sts. across on 15's. I used 2 balls. I've got 2 more colors to try out (Northern Nights and Rainbow Red) and I'll probably give them to the kids to play with. Purple Passion is just for me, though!

Dulaan charity hat #1. It's actually done now. I made it up as I went along; the top turned out flatter than I wanted, but the ribbing at the bottom is long enough you can turn it up. It's 94 sts. stockinette, done on circular needles. I am now an unabashed fan of circulars! I always figured, what's the point of running out to buy all new needles, when dpns do the job, plus you always have to switch to dpns as you shape the top anyways? Color me wrong-- there's no "laddering" between the needles on circs, and you can go lightning fast when you don't have to switch needles. I lurve them and will make at least 2 more hats in the next month or so.

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