Thursday, February 08, 2007

Note to self!

I did it... hehe hehe hehe... I actually am "winging it" on a pair of socks! I sorta cheated in that I've been referring to several patterns, but thanks to the Yarn Harlot & her awesome "Knitting Rules" book, I had the confidence to try an improvised sock for Afghans for Afghans.

Notes to myself, for the 2nd sock, before I forget what I did and the 2nd looks 8 sizes too big:

Cast on 36 sts
Rib = 1 in.
Leg = 5 in. total from begining
Heel flap = 18 sts in stockinette, sl 1st st
Turn heel on row 18, 10 sts
10 sts left on heel
Gussett, pick up 12 sts each side
(on 3 needles: 17, 18, 17 sts)
Dec each side until 9 sts left (=36 sts total); redistribute on needles to 12 sts ea.

This is where I stopped for the night. I plan to finish up the sock @ 7 in. from the heel, shape toe over 12 rows (dec 4 sts at each side of toe, every other row) which should leave me with 12 total sts for grafting. I hope! It should be about a kid's size 2. I'll post pix IF they turn out, if not, no one will know! hehheheheh, i'm mad, i tells ya!

UPDATE, 02/20/07: Start toe shaping at just past 7" from heel, double dec. to end up with 16 sts. That's 16! Graft toe closed!

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