Tuesday, February 06, 2007

knit bloggin' for the kids

Miss Margo's scarf, in WoolEase Rose Heather, done on 7's with a diamond stitch. It curls like a mo-fo, since it's mostly stockinette, but it's still very cute. She picked the yarn and the stitch, so she loves it (guaranteed to be worn every day, then.)

Nick's bulky hat, done with Red Heart heather grey, on 9's with 2 strands held together (sucker is REALLY BULKY.) I made the small women's size, because...

....when I made this one for Margo, it seemed to run small, so I bumped Nick's up a size. It fits him well. This one is done in LB Blush Heather, also with 2 strands, on 9's. I barely had enough to finish this had. These bulky things take lotsa yarn! Makes 'em really warm, though.

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