Monday, January 07, 2008

Much progress

So much for taking it easy in the new year. I whipped out this dishrag:

because I wanted to see if crocheted dishrags work as well as knitted ones. I think it's a little stiff, which may change after a washing, and a little too rough-textured. It will probably do for wiping down counters, but not as a face cloth. I like the colors, anyways. I'm going to use the leftovers to do a tiny "grandma's favorite dishcloth" which is some kinda garter-on-the-bias dealie.

And in one short weekend, this:

becomes this:

Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan, done in every color under the rainbow. This one is a load of fun so far; it's cool revisiting all that yarn I've used over the years for various projects. I only cheated on 2 colors, ie, bought 2 skeins of yarns for this (the lighter purple and light yellow... I was afeared that my 'ghan would be too dark otherwise!)

This picture shows all 20 colors I used. That was my goal for the weekend, to make it through each color once. Now I have to decide... repeat the sequence exactly? or mix it up? because there's no way ALL the colors can be repeated equally. I think... (no really, I'm just now thinking) I will pull out the colors with the least amounts, then do 2-3 repeats of just the colors I have lots of. Then in the last go-round, I can repeat these 20 rows again. I just can't go totally random, my mind doesn't work that way.

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