Sunday, January 13, 2008

not much new to report

When you only work on one or two projects, it sure makes for boring progress reports! I've done about 30 more stripes on my Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan, so it's like a quarter? or third? done. It's about 20" across so far, so if I want it to be 60" across that's a third, right? It's challenging, tho, cause it's 6.5 feet long. That's right, one row involves six n a half feet 'o work. Sooooooooo, it takes a while. But the weird thing is, it's addicting... you finish a row, and you can't wait to get the next one started. It has 20 different colors, and I'm going to add more later in. I am so seriously not going to have a stash left by the time this sucker is done. Liberating, and scary, at the same time...

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